Meeting 2 Stay Updated

The City Council meets on the second Monday of every month at 6:30 PM and the public is always welcome to attend and participate. City Hall is located at 101 South Mill Street in the Duane Knutson Community Center. You can view our minutes by clicking here.

Health Care Pay your bills on-line!

The City of Fertile now offers online access to our water customers so they can go online to view and/or pay their water and sewer bill. There is a small transaction fee that will be charged for online payments. Click here ( and use Municipal Code: FertileMN540

Financial Strategy Public Notices
  • The City of Fertile Small Business Grant Program has been created to help sustain businesses in the City of Fertile that demonstrate economic hardship related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The application period runs through 4 p.m. on October 19th.  This program is open to all businesses, churches, and non-profits that are located in the City of Fertile.  This is a grant – not a loan.  Applications and supporting documentation can be returned to the City Office at 101 S. Mill Street or can be scanned and emailed to  For questions please contact the City Office at 945-3136. For an application click here.
  • The Polk County Business Resiliency grant program has been created to help sustain businesses in Polk County that demonstrate economic hardship related to the COVID-19 pandemic; and to help restore consumer confidence in the marketplace while reducing the spread of COVID-19. Click here for more information.


About Our Town

Fertile hosts an amazing line-up of recreation opportunities for the visitor. Our golf course is outstanding and the gardens at Bergeson Nursery are breathtaking to behold in July. Hiking in the Sandhill recreation trail area is a relaxing way to spend the day as a family. The Agassiz Environmental Learning Center is known for winter recreation since they have fantastic cross country ski trails throughout the sandhills and the local snowmobile club is very proud of their beautiful well groomed trails. We have a variety of nice parks and are adjacent to several nationally known wildlife and birding areas. We also take pride in the recreational enjoyment of the Sand Hill River. Kayakers and paddlers from the surrounding communities come to Fertile to explore the inside edition of the Sand Hills from the perspective of the river. We can't forget the big event of each summer, the Polk County Fair!

This community gives amazing opportunities to all who reside here. Kids feel safe while riding their bikes around town and are able to be involved in various clubs and sports. When talking to the youth about their future, so many say that they are eager to leave this small town in the middle of nowhere and move on with their life, but many move back "home" and call this little town paradise, filled with friendly people.

Growing up in a small town has other benefits, like the life lessons you learn not only from your parents, but from others around you. You learn values like humility, love of neighbor, that hard work pays off, and always, no matter the consequences, do what you know is right. These morals are products of the generations of Americans that came before us. It is our responsibility to keep these concepts alive. In our small towns, these traits are not only ideas that we heard at one time or another -- they are truly a way of life.

More than just a beautiful place to live, Fertile is truly a place to call home. We have all the bells and whistles of neighboring cities, without the hustle and bustle.

But don't take our word for it! We've asked our residents and here are the 10 most loved attributes about the City of Fertile straight from our resident's mouths!

  • Fertile is a safe-haven
  • Fertile is deep in community - spirit
  • Fertile is very clean.
  • Love riding horse, cross country skiing, and enjoying the river flowing through the Sand Hills.
  • Wonderful, caring people
  • People here are very proud of their faith
  • The best school system with wonderful teachers
  • Strem Field
  • Norland baseball complex, softball fields, and football field that was made by community blood sweat and tears.
  • Happy to raise our family in an agricultural based town with a great school with many opportunities for kids to be involved
City Govt. Officials

We thank our officials for serving our community! Click here for contact information


Looking ahead: Happenings In Fertile

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Summer Fun

Residents of Fertile boast about their city not only because of the home town atmosphere, but also because of its location! Fertile offers natural resources like no other. Here in Fertile, we take advantage of the four seasons and many can't wait for the snow to melt for golfing, kayaking, Strem Field, and the beauty of the flower gardens! Check us out!


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Enjoy a bit of nature!

Located in the heart of the Sand Hills the AELC site covers 640 acres and includes over 10 miles of hiking/cross country ski trails, a campground, a deck overlooking the Sand Hill River and a nature center which provides restroom facilities and a meeting room for classes and community events. The AELC provides many recreational opportunities for families and visitors of all ages. Whether you are interested in a family picnic on our deck overlooking the Sand Hill River, a leisurely stroll along one of our many trails, or a family reunion in the Nature Center building, or a geocaching adventure, the AELC can accommodate you! For more information call 218-945-3129.
(Photo credit to Wayne Goeken)



Nature Play Space

Located in J.D. Mason Park, the Nature Place Space received additions in 2020 that include a climbing tree, a rope bridge, and tire climbers. Looking for a safe place to let the kids unwind and get off some of that extra enery? Look no further. The additions were funded by the Early Childhood Initiative and were a great addition to the park. Have a picnic and make use of the this outdoor space this fall. Click here to learn more details about J.D. Mason Park and its amenities. (Photo Credit by Linda Widrig)



Updates from the Mayor Office.
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