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Black Friday, hereinafter referred to as "black five" year of the nation's largest online shopping promotion, in fact, in some sense is equal to the domestic of 11.11 and 12.12, but the somebody else that is certainly worth your hand chop.

Years ago, the traditional black Friday's overseas promotion is limited to appliances,coach outlet online black friday digital products.And various industries such as apparel, home, and even within the travel in recent years been added "black five" period.

What is worth to buy this "black five" Fashion article will review many tide sheet is tasted, there is always a is you need!


Black Friday Coach Outlet Online

As a traditional light luxury Coach, in the face of the impact of the newcomer MK, nature also can't ignore the "black five" overseas shopping festival, black friday coach outlet online in addition to bag some shoes and accessories will be unified into the "black five" in the game.

"Black five year" Coach leads discounts in the industry, the basic for a discount of 50% and there may be a discount + discount, for example, such as 2 items again on 30% of sales promotion.Anyhow Coach consumers basic can begin to prepare!

French luxury goods group open cloud group, according to the latest release third quarter financial presentation as the core of the Gucci brand sales profit fell 1.9% year-on-year, well below market expectations.The luxury brand Coach outlet black friday is difficult, at the end of October Coach, the Coach announced fiscal 2015 first quarter results, according to the United States continued weakness in the overall sales fell 19%, the Coach relies on markets such as China, Coach of the earnings growth also appears.

Of the loss of luxury front coalition formation is expanding.Besides Gucci,black friday coach outlet online richemont's Lancel have suffered since the sharp price increase sales plummeted, Prada, also issued this year sales growth of early warning, Louis Vuitton earnings growth is slowing.In a whining also have special case, such as hermes, Li Zhiqi said hermes impact is very small, "their consumption group is hardly affected by the economic downturn."




Coach Black Friday Outlet Online

    "Excessive exposure of fatigue is approaching."A senior industry analyst pointed out that the lack of innovation makes the established luxury performance decline of embarrassment.The rise of affordable luxury brands also encroach on the part of the market share, in the past two years, Michael Kors and Kate Spade light luxury brand fans in expanding team."After removing a lot of big luxury brands LOGO and no redeeming feature, a new generation of consumers tend to look for more personalized designer brands."Fashion lovers liu to the Beijing morning paper reporter said."Big luxury brands are in the pursuit of young and fashionable change over the years,coach black friday outlet online to set off a round of LOGO change trend, but not success."Li Zhiqi to the Beijing morning paper reporter said.

    Over the past few years in China as representative's emerging markets has been the growth engine of luxury brands, but with the spread of the anti-corruption agitation, the Chinese market growth conditions.Coach, the Coach announced fiscal 2015 first quarter results, according to the Chinese market the growth rate of only 10%, fell to the lowest in two years."Anti-corruption will affect the gift property sales part."The relevant person in charge of a luxury brands to the Beijing morning post reporter, said the company adjust strategies will focus aimed at a growing middle class,coach black friday "this part of the consumption will be substantial growth."

    In order to win back the Chinese market, luxury brands are also actively adjust strategy.Coach, the relevant person in charge of China to the Beijing morning post reporter, said the company was launched in June this year the global brand strategy, including the category, such as shoes, clothes."China's strategy to follow the global strategy, transformation of Coach brand strategy will be done in the next five to three years."In order to win back the favour of Chinese consumers, especially the middle class, Coach black friday outlet, and quite a few measures for the Chinese market, such as special products for Chinese consumers, including the ladies' handbags can put A4 paper and zipper inclined shoulder bag, and suitable for the cash and the larger wallet card."China's second - and third-tier markets potential cannot be ignored."Coach, the relevant person in charge of China said.

    Part of the luxury brands have actively embrace the Internet.Coach, the relevant person in charge of China to the Beijing morning paper reporter said, in order to meet the tastes of young consumers,black friday the company has a positive digital strategy, including launch e-commerce channels, micro sino weibo account, in the shops on micro letter also officially launched in the near future.